Hackspace Projects projects

  Members often work on projects ass part of the hackspace and share knowledge below is a list of past and present projects and events, assk arond if you have ideas for new projects to gauge interest.


PI WARS - Yearly event

Hacktober - Yearly event

Website - On going improvements to this site

RFID auth - room and equipment access 

Laser TAG - Custom laser quest style system

[SUMO Robots - Simple battling robots](/wiki/projects/sumo-robots/)

[LoRa Mesh Networking](/wiki/projects/long-distance-lora-mesh-networking/)

[EMFCAMP](/wiki/EMFCAMP) - Every two years camping festival

[BARNCAMP / HACKTIONLAB](https://hacktionlab.org/Welcome_to_HacktionLab) -  rural skills-sharing gathering, and the HacktionLab and Tech Tactics for Social Change urban gatherings