AGM - 18/10/17 agm-2017


Simon, Ian, Oliver, Sophie, Matt




  • Nomination of board members
  • Present Finances
  • Internet Connection
  • Membership signup
  • Actions

Nomination of board members:

  • Oliver has been re-elected as Chairman, motioned by Ian, second by Sophie.
  • Mike has informed the board by email he is unable to continue as treasurer, and has stood down. Simon has been elected as treasurer, motioned by Ian, second by Sophie.
  • Ian has been elected as secretary, motioned by Simon, second by Sophie.

Present finances:

As of this meeting, Maidstone Hackspace has 8 paying members, equating to a monthly income of £190. The only current monthly expenditure is rent which equates to £130. Current balance is shown as £750.03. A rule has been agreed by all board members that the bank account balance should never fall below £500, this is to act as an emergency fund should monthly membership alone not sustain expenditures.

Internet Connection:

Members and visitors alike have highlighted that it would advantageous for the space to have a high speed internet connection. A review of the finances indicates that a monthly expenditure of £17 can be sustained. This connection will be facilitated by Maidstone Community Support Centre. All attendees in agreement to authorise this expenditure.

Membership Signup:

It currently stands that upon a member signing up and financially contributing, the default recommended membership fee is shown as £20. The board members are all in agreement to set a minimum membership fee of £10. It is left to the generosity of the member if they wish to financially contribute more.


  • Research and organise a series of once a month inputs, presentations, or training sessions, during an open day to encourage new members.

  • Tick box to be added to Maidstone Hackspace membership signup page, so that members agree to being over the age of 18, or not.

  • Hyperlink to be added to Maidstone Hackspace membership signup page, so that members can refer to constitution.

  • In the absence of RFID door access, board members in the interim are encouraged to register non members upon attending the hackspace. The name of the individual is the only data recorded. It is the intention of the board members to use this data to track the number of attendees each visit, and those who are non paying members.

  • board members to research costs of as a suggestion of generating further attendees.