PiWars 2018: The Team 2.0


PiWars 2018:

We are very pleased to announce that we have been accepted for a second year running, into the Pi Wars Raspberry Pi robotics competition for April 2018. The previous competition was a fantastic experience as Maidstone Hackspaces first team event, and we revel in the comradery, mechanical failure, improvisation, and innovation, whenever asked what is PiWars.

Having come second in the overall rankings for the “Straight-Line Speed Test” challenge in 2017, was simply the icing on the cake for us. However we clearly have room for improvement when it comes to the remaining challenges. With this in mind, we are more determined than ever to learn from our mistakes and assemble a new and improved robot.

The Team 2.0:

Maidstone Hackspaces membership has grown significantly over the last few months, and with it so has interest to participate in 2018’s competition. Our team currently stands at 11 members, a mixture of new and previous team participants, a game changer when it comes to skill, experience, and possibilities. Joining us is:

Ian Wilkinson
2018 will be Ians third time competing, he provides the advice and guidance the team needs when tackling the various challenges PiWars brings. His technical background allows us to strategize effectively when it comes to considering various implementations of a solution.

Oliver Marks
Our resident Python expert, Oliver returns to the team to guide us in the ways of Python shenaniganry. His experience in Python was valuable last year, we cant wait to see what he does this time.

Simon Ridley
Last year Simon got the opportunity to design and 3D print the chassis of Maidstone Hackspaces PiWars Robot. He returns to the team again, and looks forward to putting to use new skills he has learnt in computer aided design.

Sam Collins
Another expert in programming, it’s clear Sam lives, eats, and breathes web development. He has contributed heavily to many of Maidstone Hackspaces projects, and this year he is joining the PiWars team.

Tom Collins
Health and safety watch out! Tom is always on hand with a solution to resolve a problem even if its unconventional. He has progressed projects in a evening which could have taken weeks without his help. Tom has an interest in programming and embedded electronics so we look forward to him getting stuck in with the team.

Jake Jackson
Roped in last year to help design and construct replica challenges to test the robot, Jake has returned to the team upon his own free will. Whilst at PiWars 2016 Jake found an enthusiasm for electronics and has been building his very own Raspberry Pi Game Boy ever since. There will be plenty of opportunity for Jake to show off what he has learnt so far during robot design.

Sophie Thurlow
New to Maidstone Hackspace, and to the PiWars team, however don’t let this fool you! Sophie is second to none when it comes to getting involved, and quick to learn. She has learnt to design components via computer aided design for replicating challenges, and is keen to absorb as much information as possible. We hope that PiWars gives her the challenge she’s looking for.

Matthew Cooper
Makes PCB design and assembly look like an art form. His creations are fascinating to watch, and as a new member of Maidstone Hackspace we look forward to seeing his future projects. We can’t wait to see what Matthew will introduce to the PiWars project.

Melina Donadello
Another new member of Maidstone Hackspace, with a background in electronics and programming. Melina jumped at the chance to be part of the PiWars team, and has brought her very own team to the cause. We’ve discovered Melina is drawn to the controls of the robot, and chaos unfolds once shes behind the wheel. 2018’s challenges introduce a NERF gun to the mix, you best not be standing in front of her once its loaded.

Vince Clarke
Recently joined Maidstone Hackspace, and the PiWars team, Vince has been instrumental during the design phase by providing various solutions. We look forward to working with Vince throughout the project.

Nick Serras
Recently introduced to Maidstone Hackspace, his enthusiasm and dedication is unrivalled once he finds his target. Nicks knowledge is extensive when it comes to Solidworks computer aided design, and he brings all new possibilities to the way we design, test, and assemble our robot.

Brett Harper
His curiosity has been peaked by the idea of implementing the use of the OpenCV library into the PiWars projects. With Bretts background in programming we hope he finds implementing OpenCV a suitable challenge.

Lee Booth
A new member of Maidstone Hackspace, Lee has offered his assistance in the PiWars project. His background in programming will surely be valuable to the team.