PiWars 2017: Planning Phase!


Choices, Choices!

How to design a robot when starting from a blank page?

Do we have tracks or wheels?
Do we have 2 wheels, 4 wheels, or 6?
How fast are we aiming to go?
What motors are suitable?
What wheels should we use?
How much power do we need?

Well these questions and more were asked today. We might not have answers to them all (or even most of them!) but we have a direction that we are planning on going.

So how do you start from a blank page? You take inspiration from the best!
We spent time researching the successful robots of PiWars 2015, seeing what they did well, and what could be improved upon.

That, and a lot of research around sensors, motors and wheels and

Our robot will contain a Raspberry Pi 3B, with a PMW HAT to connect to either Electronic speed controllers or to a H-Bridge. We’ll use Arduinos to interface with sensors (a combination of ultrasonic, Time of Flight and LDRs)

The rest we’ll decide after we have received some hardware.