PiWars 2019: The Wheels


So … The plan today was to download a design for a Mecanum wheel, tweek it, and then print it. Unfortunately:

“The best-laid schemes o’ mice an ‘men Gang aft agley,”

Thingiverse has some lovely wheels.

  1. 50mm sturdy Mecanum by RendiPambudi
  2. Featured Mecanum by Zaggo
  3. SCAD Parametric Mecanum by dkobozev

I found the the first two are too small for our purposes. I’m also not mad on the central carrier/wheel hub idea. I liked the idea of using the parametric design and tweeking it for our purposes but Burns struck and I wasn’t able to open the SCAD files in Fusion 360.

So, like anyone would … I started from scratch, literally re-inventing the wheel. Fusion 360 is an amazing tool - I’d quite happily re-invent the wheel over and over. The main image is what I came up with. It took me about 1hr 30mins from blank page to fully rendered model.

I’ve decided to upload this to Thingiverse so anyone can have a go with it. I’ve also put up the Fusion 360 design files. I believe you can see the workflow of how it was modeled.

Some links:
- Rotating view of complete model
- Rotating view of exploded model
- Thiniverse link (in case you missed it)
- Video of a roller being printed (This was the only thing I had time to print tonight due to time spend modelling)