PiWars 2019: Disappointment


Well … we didn’t get a guaranteed place in PiWars 2019. This is obviously a bitter blow. We have been offered a reserve place in case teams drop out.

Clearly for 2020, top of the list will be working on the quality of our application.

As a reservist we still need to keep working on our entry. We’ll continue blogging. We’re pretty much going to continue as if we have a guaranteed place.

With that in mind, this week I’m printing up one of the wheels which I designed last week.

Last week I managed to print one of the rollers (1 of 10 per wheel). They are mercifully quick to print and can probably be batch printed. It was a good test for our new filament spool arrangement for our old Lulzbot Taz 4 3D printer - and it came out excellent! Dimensionally, it is very close to design specifications and it runs freely on it’s axle.

Roller on axle Spool holder for Lulzbot

This week I’ve managed to print up two wheels hubs for one wheel. I’ve also cut a roller axle for the one roller we have printed.

Wheel Hub Partially complete wheel

Also, really sorry this post it a bit late. I’ve been fighting off some man flu. It was only mildly lethal so normal service should return soon.