PiWars 2017: Our Journey Begins



The competition that every self-respecting Raspberry Pi robotics enthusiast wants to attend.

The objective - Build a robot, controlled by a Raspberry Pi, that must complete several challenges. Some of these the robot will be under the direct control of a human, but for several the robot must think for itself.

There are many technical challenges to overcome, but hopefully we have the team to achieve the goal.

The Team:

Mike “The Arduino Guy” - Mike is our Arduino Expert, having extensive experience with the Arduino microcontroller, and having built robots in the past.

Simon - Our expert in all things 3D printed, If you can describe it, he can almost certainly design and print it.

Oly - Python expert having designed and built a 3D CAD system in Python.

Jake - New to the Hackspace, but has got stuck into a variety of projects

Ian - Took part in the last PiWars (didn’t come last!), learnt a lot of what not to do.

Ian’s Offspring1 - Took part in the last PiWars, designed the aesthetics of the previous robot and helped with the wiring.