Hackspace News: Coming back from COVID


Photo by Adam NieĊ›cioruk on Unsplash

The Impact:

From the initial outbreak in early 2020, the Hackspace has seen a steady decline in member activity, with our doors remaining closed for 13 months due to inactivity from August 2020. As a “community-operated” workspace whose ethos is to promote and enable socialization, innovation, and collaboration, this is problematic to say the least. To exacerbate matters membership has fallen by 46% between March 2020 and May 2021, raising understandable concerns as to the spaces future financial stability.

Looking to the Future:

Photo by EJ Strat on Unsplash

Whilst the spaces future does currently stand at the precipice of a difficult situation, renewed passion and drive has arisen to stabilize and grow the space once more. As of September 2021, members new and old have slowly started to reutilize the workspace, providing an opportunity for the committee to reevaluate plans, and chart a course that best suits members needs.

Business as Usual?

Given the current circumstances, the committee is using this opportunity to take stock, and do an inventory of the workspaces functional and non-functional tools, machinery, and consumables. Reorganisation is in order to facilitate a clutter free functional space, hopefully providing a more appealing environment to newcomers and alike.

Existing members are welcome to utilize the space, its equipment and consumables during times that best suit them just as before, however “Open Days” for newcomers have yet to resume in an official capacity whilst the space undergoes redevelopment. Should members become aware of acquaintances with an expressed interest in the space, ad hoc visits can be arranged, so members are still encouraged to generate interest.