Hackspace News: Change is Afoot!


Moving Rooms:

We have just this week changed rooms - we’re still in the same location, at the Community Support Centre in Maidstone, but we now reside in the main building.

We now have 2 rooms that are blank canvases, so effort is under way to fix up the rooms so we can resume building awesome things. We’ve already added worktops into the work room and setup our 3D Printers. The new rooms will have better access, with each member being able to request a fob for the main building, and we will hook up RFID to the rooms so this way you don’t need a key holder around to unlock.

Donated Kit:

We have had some lovely kit donated to us. We now have 2 3D printers, an air brushing kit, a hot air station, more computers, development boards and way way more. If you’re interested in anything then let us know. We can do tutorials on getting started with 3D printing and computer aided design.


We will be holding an Annual General Meeting shortly so keep an eye out for that if you would like to raise anything.

PiWars 2019

Our application for PiWars 2019 is in, and we’ve had our first official meeting in the gear up to that. Our next blog post will be on that very subject so watch this space!