Hackspace 2018

General Hackspace Activity.

PiWars 2019: Optical Flow

This week we considered motion feedback options. We're looking at Optical Flow first because we have a module available. We know we need to built a full SPI interface for the RPi so we can process rotation as well as movement. Also, further 3D printing …

PiWars 2019: Disappointment

Sadly we only received a reserve place for PiWars 2019. Only a little bit of luck will be needed to compete. We're still pressing ahead with the build and the blogging. This weeks blog is documenting the printing of the first wheel which was designed …

PiWars 2019: The Wheels

A Mecanum wheel - from inception to modelling to some 3D printing. Continuing with the theme of openness you will find tonight's work on Thingiverse.

Hackspace News: Change is Afoot!

Everything is changing. We're moving rooms and refitting the new rooms. We have new kit including 3D printers ready to play with. We also need to hold an AGM in the next few weeks. The preparations for PiWars 2019 are starting now.