Hackspace 2017

General Hackspace Activity.

PiWars 2018: The Team 2.0

PiWars 2018: We are very pleased to announce that we have been accepted for a second year running, into the Pi Wars Raspberry Pi robotics competition for April 2018. The previous competition was a fantastic experience as Maidstone Hackspaces first team event, and we revel …

PiWars 2017: Game Time!

Well PiWars is upon us (as the robot was when it tried to mount a box in testing) We can do no more. Parts of the robot work, parts do not. However it doesn’t matter. The long hours, stress and failures have taught us valuable …

PiWars 2017: Shaping Up

After many hours of printing, assembly, disassembly, reassembly, and general hard work, we now have a robot! We have had some teething issues. The combination of the motors and the wheels that we had originally selected worked brilliantly, as long as we didn’t need to …

PiWars 2017: Assembling the Chassis

Hi I’m Ian’s daughter and I’m nearly 9 years old. I enjoyed screwing the robot together, it was so much fun! But it took a very long time. There were 6 motors and 6 nuts and screws for each motor. So that’s 36 nuts and …

PiWars 2017: 3D Printing

As a Hackspace without a space (although since beginning the PiWars project we have located a space and will hopefully be moving in at the start of March), our options for building the chassis are more limited than many of the other groups. We are …